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Become a NAMI Duluth Area member and help fight stigma about mental illness

The journey that others go on is not ours to understand, but ours to support. Mental health affects so many individuals in so many ways, which can make it difficult for those fighting to verbalize and ask for help. The invisible and individual nature of mental health adds yet another layer to the stigma attached to mental illness. As a member of NAMI Duluth Area, your membership contributes to our local efforts to destigmatize mental illness and help those who are affected by mental illness. Becoming a member also makes you part of the national NAMI organization, which works toward destigmatizing mental illness across the country and supporting important legislation at the federal level. You’ll receive the NAMI newsletter to keep you updated on news, conferences, and events. To become a member, click here or mail a check payable to NAMI Minnesota at NAMI Minnesota Attn: NAMI Duluth Area Membership, 800 Transfer Road #31, St. Paul, MN 55114. Your membership today will help us continue our efforts in the future.

When you join NAMI Minnesota, you automatically become a member of the NAMI Duluth Area affiliate.

Membership categories:

NAMI membership dues are split between the national, state and local NAMIs. The split in dues received through any of the three sources will be:
Household $60 ($20 to national; $20 to state; $20 to local affiliate)
Regular $40 ($10 to national; $15 to state; $15 to local affiliate)
Open Door $5 ($1 to national; $2 to state and $2 to local affiliate)

Ways to help: become involved! If you are interested in the goals of NAMI and would like to help, here are some ways to get involved:

  • Join the Board of Directors of NAMI Duluth Area: Click here for a description of board responsibilities.
  • NAMI Duluth is in need of a volunteer to be trained as a Hope for Recovery teacher in Duluth. If you have been interested in being of service in helping people and families in Duluth learn more about mental health and mental illness, this could be your chance! Please send us an email if you are interested.
  • Join a committee. We currently have a need for committee members on the Education, Membership, or Public Relations/Media committees.
  • Become a trained facilitator/teacher (training is free) for one of the following:
  • Participate as a walker on the Duluth NAMIWalkers team at NAMIWalks MN in September. Or donate to a Duluth NAMIWalkers team member!
  • Volunteer to staff a NAMI booth at a conference or health fair.
  • Post flyers for NAMI Duluth Area meetings and events.
  • Donations can be made to our P. O. Box 3424 Duluth, MN 55803 or at the donation link above.
  • Other ideas? Please contact us.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact us at

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